A new age of mobile security has arrived! SecureMe gives the user full control and awareness of app permissions.

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Block Persistent Permissions

Block applications from operating their permissions in the background, you're in complete control!

Save Battery Life

Extends Your Battery Life Because the permissions are no longer running in the background More power to you!

Operates Locally On Your Device

We do not need access to your phone data unlike popular apps, we don't even need internet connection.

More Awareness

We show you exactly what permissions in your phone you have given when clicking ok to use the app...you may be shocked!


Some frequently asked questions

How does SecureMe save my battery life?

Simply by switching off all permissions that your Apps may have. or be running in the back ground without your knowledge. In particular is the "location permission" access which is a serious power consumer.

Does SecureMe interfere with the functions of say facebook or any other app I may have?

No SecureMe just monitors the Permissions and has no effect on any of your Apps...it just makes sure the Permissions are switched off when your not using it.

Do I still get notifications of mail, instagram and facebook messages?

Yes, SecureMe doesn't block any notifications whatsoever.

Do I need to update SecureMe?

No, SecureMe is phone based which means once it is installed that's it..no updates, no monthly fees, no adverts, no gimmicks just simple protection that works.

I've heard certain websites are always listening or recording conversations using various devices....will SecureMe stop that?

Yes, SecureMe withdraws all permissions so they cannot access any area of your phone.

I have a tracking app on my sons phones, will it stop working using SecureMe?

No it will work fine, simply open the app as normal and don't go through SecureMe. You will be able to keep a track of your sons.

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